Mahogany Processors Co-op Limited

Mahogany Processors Co-op Limited (MPCL) are a group of African Mahogany ( Khaya Senegalensis) growers with small timber plots between Bowen and Mareeba in tropical North Queensland with plantation sizes ranging in size from <1 ha to 60 ha.

Passionate and committed to this emerging industry, the aim of the co-operative is to source, process, market and sell African Mahogany timber and timber products in the global market place.

To find out more about the industry in your area contact one of the representatives in your area - details as below:

Tony Mallett

0417 123 456

Joe Tama

Farmer, Business man
0417 194 185

Sandra Richards

0417 728 825

Julie Baxter

Medical Practice Manager, Forester
0417 638 397