Mahogany Processors Co-op Limited

A Word From The Co-op

It is estimated that there are now 780 hectares of private forests and plantations of African Mahogany (Khaya Senegalensis) plantations in Queensland.

All trees are grown in sustainable plantations and it is estimated that in excess of 150,000 trees will be mature and ready for harvesting in the next five years. Total volumes will increase as additional timber becomes available and new members join the co-operative.

Mahogany Processors Co-op Limited (MPCL) has been set up to offer product and services to its members who are a group of African Mahogany ( Khaya Senegalensis) growers with small plots between Bowen and Mareeba in tropical North Queensland ranging in sizes from <1 ha to 60 ha.

The aim of the co-operative is to source, process, market and sell African Mahogany timber and timber products in the global market place.

``Marketing is the key focus of the Co-op Group and we have identified opportunities for logs, sawn product, veneers and composites, maximising our returns by using all parts of the tree``